5 Easy Steps to Keep WhatsApp Safe and Secure

WhatsApp is one of the applications most commonly used for daily communication. Because it is important to keep it safe so that privacy is not disturbed.

Following are the easy steps to keep WhatsApp safe and secure privacy:

1. Two-Step Verification

Two-Step Verification provides additional security by entering a six-digit PIN when resetting and verifying your WhatsApp account. This feature helps to prevent others from accessing your WhatsApp account if your SIM card is stolen or a number is damaged.

Setting the Two-Step Verification feature is very easy. The trick is to open Settings> Account> Two-step Verification> Enable.

2. Profile Privacy

You have the authority to control what information can be shared with others in a personal profile on WhatsApp. WhatsApp allows you to decide who you want to share profile information with. Is that everyone, contact list, or not to anyone.

You can also limit the features of Last Seen (Last Seen), Profile Photos, About (About) and Status in the privacy settings on WhatsApp.

3. Group Privacy Settings

Group Privacy Settings allow you to control who can add to WhatsApp groups. So you can choose which group chats you want.

To activate it, you can open Settings / Settings in the application, then tap Account> Privacy> Groups and choose one of the following three options: “My Contacts Except”, “My Contacts”, or “Everyone”.

The “My contacts” option means that only users listed in your address book can add to the group, while the “My contacts, except …” option gives you additional control to determine who among the contacts can add you to the group.

4. Lock WhatsApp with Touch ID or Face ID

WhatsApp offers users an additional layer of security for their accounts with Touch ID and Face ID for the iPhone, and Fingerprint for Android.

5. Update the application regularly

Many updates that involve new security features are better. To ensure security standards are always maintained, make sure WhatsApp is always updated to the latest available version.

It’s also important to always update your mobile operating system to get the latest security protection from Apple or Google.